Dallas, Texas

Senior Designer

Now Hiring

You are an exceptional designer with a passion for bringing brands to life across every touchpoint of the experience. You are known for your typographic senses and an innate ability for producing beautiful things. Attention to detail and thoughtfulness guide your work. You understand the importance of the entire brand experience and are confident leading your own projects, taking them from concept to completion. Amongst those who you work with you are known to be reliable, trustworthy, and joyful.


→ Brand + Digital Designer
→ Experienced (5+ years)
→ Typographically obsessive
→ Dedicated to the craft of design
→ Proficient in Adobe Suite
→ Deep understanding of production needs for print and digital projects

About the company

ModestWorks is a strategic design studio specializing in developing memorable brands across fashion, retail, real estate, and hospitality. We are a purposefully small, multi-disciplinary creative studio dedicated to a select group of clients and projects. We are lovers of art, architecture, fashion and culture. We believe in putting in a lot of effort to make work that feels effortless.